Kuwait Online - October 2016

Posted by Effective Measure on Wed Nov 23 2016


 Who's online in Kuwait and what sites do they visit? We provide a quick snapshot into the online users and the top sites of the country in Kuwait Online for October 2016. 

 In this report, we list the top news sites that are tagged with Effective Measure for the region. Local news site topped the chart for the largest site audience in October with 537,161 unique browsers and 3,468,918 page views.


We've also included two special segments at the end of this report on Style & Fashion and reaching females in Kuwait. Our research showed that almost 100% of the page views of popular Style & Fashion sites were accessed on mobile devices. This is a strong reminder to all publishers that websites must be mobile optimised!


This report is based on data collected from a footprint of sites tagged with Effective Measure, and demographic survey results from 11,550 individuals who were active online during October 2016 in Kuwait. For more information about Effective Measure's measurement and methodology, please contact


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